Push your Smartphone/PC audio to the limit with the new Aliencraft BLACKFLY Portable AMPLIFIER and DAC.

The new BLACKFLY has 3 detachable cables (included) that will allow you to use it on a wide variety of devices such as Android Smartphones, iPhones and iPads with IOS system, MAC Computers, Laptops and Desktop PCs. 

The cables that come included with the BLACKFLY are:

USB Type C to USB Type C (for Android devices)

USB Type C to Lightning (for IOS devices)

USB Type C to USB Type A (for Laptops, MACs and PCs.

Just connect it to the device of your choice with the corresponding detachable cable and you will significantly increase its output power as well as the quality of your music which you can now listen to in High Resolution (Hi-Res).  

The Aliencraft BLACKFLY AMPLIFIER and DAC produces a crystal clear, balanced, organic, realistic sound and a wide three-dimensional soundstage (soundstage) that will create an immersive sound environment that will make you feel like you are in front of your favorite artists. Likewise, you will enjoy your video games, your movies and series even more with more realistic explosions and clearer dialogues.

The Aliencraft BLACKFLY Portable Amplifier/DAC is compatible with all latest generation operating systems without the need to install drivers or drivers.