The new Aliencraft RIDLEY are Bluetooth headphones with Noise Canceling (ANC) technology that electronically cancels all outside noise so your music is heard with greater clarity, definition and bass. 

This "Noise Canceling" technology can be used without the need for you to be playing music, so if you just want privacy, turn on the RIDLEY's Active Noise Canceling system and you will silence all the urban noise around you. This same Noise Canceling technology is very useful when you travel as it will also help you dramatically reduce the annoying noise of truck engines or airplane turbines.

GAMING READY: The Aliencraft RIDELY is equipped with a next-generation Bluetooth 5.3 chip that has a transmission speed well above traditional Bluetooth for a latency of only 60ms (milliseconds) automatically achieving perfect synchronization between the audio and video of your favorite video games (or any other multimedia content). 

Likewise, the Aliencraft RIDLEY  are Dual use headphones (also called Crossover) since you can use them via Bluetooth or if the battery runs out, simply connect them to their 3.5mm auxiliary cable (included) and use them as traditional cable headphones.

The Aliencraft RIDLEY incorporates a set of powerful 40mm Titanium drivers for powerful, high-definition stereo surround sound and a powerful, deep bass Sub-Woofer. 

The new Aliencraft RIDLEY have hands-free calls and are compatible with the most popular voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google assistant.