Created with extraterrestrial technology, the new DECKARD headphones stand out for their unique design in the form of a translucent space-pod and their high-resolution sound.

CRYSTAL CLEAR ENGINE:  This electronic system incorporated into the DECKARD makes them produce a crystalline sound through which you will discover sounds that you did not know were in your songs. Likewise, its DSP digital processing system adjusts the depth of the bass according to the musical genre you are playing.

ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING MODE: Ready to travel or listen to your headphones in a very noisy environment? Then activate DECKARD's Noise Canceling mode to silence annoying noises around you (down to -25dB).

Dual Microphones with ENC (Environmental Noise Cancelling): They are automatically activated when you make or receive a call, so your conversations will be heard loud and clear on both sides of the line (Caller/Recipient)

TRANSPARENT AUDIO: Are you planning to use the DECKARD for running, cycling or other outdoor activities? Then turn on TRANSPARENT AUDIO mode so you're aware of what's going on around you. The TRANSPARENT AUDIO mode will allow you to hear the noise of a horn, instructions from other people and other types of alerts to  safely use your DECKARD while you are on the street or in a dangerous environment .

Last but not least, DECKARD is compatible with the most popular voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant, and they are IPX5 certified against water and sweat.