Created with alien technology, the new DROID66 Bluetooth Tri-Mode Headphones are Hi-Fi headphones that have it ALL! They have 3 configuration modes (Tri-Mode) which are: 

GAMING MODE: Speed ​​up data transmission by up to 50 milliseconds for perfect synchronization of your video games with the DROID66's Hi-Fi audio by highlighting the mid and high frequencies that are predominant in next-generation games.

MUSIC MODE: Increases the power and depth of low frequencies and widens the three-dimensional field of sound perception to create an enveloping atmosphere (Spatial Audio). The brass, vocals and strings have perfect definition and the basses are deeper and more attacking.

ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING MODE: Ready to travel or listen to your headphones in a very noisy environment? Then activate Active Noise Canceling mode to silence annoying noises around you (down to -30dB).

Likewise, the DROID66 have two other outstanding technologies that are:

ENC (Environmental Noise Cancelling): It is automatically activated when you make or receive a call, so your conversations will be heard loud and clear on both sides (Caller/Recipient) The DROID66 are extraordinary hands-free!

TRANSPARENT MODE: Activate this mode so that the microphones inside the DROID66 pick up the sound around you and you can be aware of what is happening while you are walking on the street or in a dangerous environment.

Last but not least, they are compatible with the most popular voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant, they are also IPX5 certified against water and sweat. and they have "Click Feedback" that lets you know how many touches you give to each earpiece and thus more precisely control the Tri-Mode, Active Noise Canceling and Transparent Audio functions.