The new TWS Aliencraft STARK Bluetooth headphones are equipped with the new and more powerful Bluetooth 5.3 Chip for high speed and ultra low latency for Audio, Gaming and Video Multimedia applications. 

Inside its headphones are two powerful 10mm diameter speakers with BioCellulose membranes for balanced mids and highs and Deep Bass 3D for a deep and powerful bass.  

The Aliencrfat STARK have a double processing system which, through a DSP algorithm, equalizes the audio of the headphones depending on the audio mode that is being used. For example, in MUSIC mode it increases the bass and balances the mid and high frequencies for a balanced sound and in the GAMING mode it increases the mid and high frequencies for greater clarity in voices, shots and explosions, as well as a better location of your enemies. . 

Likewise, the Aliencraft STARK in music mode have the latest Spatial Audio technology whose algorithm produces a three-dimensional surround sound which locates the sound source away from you for better instrumental separation, creating the sensation of being in a concert hall.

In Gaming mode, the powerful Bluetooth 5.3 Chip of the Aliencraft STARK will radically increase the speed of audio transmission, lowering its latency to 50ms (milliseconds) with which the video will be perfectly synchronized with the audio of your games.

The Aliencraft STARK case protects and charges your headphones, giving them a range of up to 8 hours of playback and also has a screen that indicates the remaining battery level. Likewise, both the case and the headphones have an innovative RGB backlight that creates a perfect futuristic E-Sport atmosphere.

Aliencraft STARK headphones  are sweat resistant and IPX5 certified making them a great option to take to the gym. Finally, the Aliencraft STARK integrate omnidirectional microphones for hands-free calls and are compatible with voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant.